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and we got our plates from Ohio baby we're back in business so if you new to the channel don't forget my slight button master subscribe button and we're gonna be getting into it right we're gonna be talking about on this video registering your truck in another state somewhere that's not your home state so there's many reasons why you might want to do this and I could finally talk about I can finally talk about it and I am successful at doing so and maybe it might not work out for you in your state every different state has different jurisdictions and how everything is gonna wind up working out so anyways let's get to it right we got us a couple comments in here we got Charles Brent alright hey Hamlet happy Memorial Day so everybody happy Memorial Day happy Memorial Day in honor for this year I'm honoring Dwight burns he was a soldier that I I went to a AIT with and we only spent like about a month or two together and we went our separate ways I went to South Korea and I think he went to I think he stayed stateside but anyways he did lose his life he was a helicopter mechanic and you know shadows - Dwight burns and may you rest and rest and may you rest for you know forever well alright so now that we got that out of the way let's do a couple shout outs here before we get started and we got a chill rotor in the house first one first one a comment Nathan Nicholas hello boss man Nathan what's up are you doing an we got point-to-point translation what's up rain that's uh the Freeman's right shallow Creek go army beat Navy that's right baby all right so without further ado let's talk about it right if you guys been following the channel we were talking about I had got registered in New York and because of that I was unable to pretty much grow you might flee the way I wanted it to because of the restrictions because of the restrictions that I was getting from New York and you might from the insurance restrictions and you might be in the same boat like for instance if you're in Florida you're trying to you know register your truck somewhere else other than Florida like maybe Georgia because Florida is too high-risk a and assurances you know through the roof or whatever you have you right and reasons like that could be a reason why you want to register your truck out of state right and because of me my example trucks in New York State but because I had my shop in Ohio I was able to use that address and get insurance out of Ohio and I was able to get a very good rate and I didn't have any other you know the BS that I had to deal with with New York and finally we got our plates from Ohio so we are essentially on the wall getting things done so right now when I bought this classic I didn't go through New York to get it done I got it through I went through New York to Ohio and it was a whole learning process of how to do that and let me tell you Ohio did make it a little bit...
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